From Our Vendor: Jasper & Prudence Floral and Events

February 8, 2019

The Jasper & Prudence crew had the pleasure of working with Sarah and Caitlin from True Events on two occasions this past wedding season. They are fabulous! Right from the beginning of our relationship, they kept things organized, facilitated communication very efficiently and allowed us the creative freedom to interpret the clients needs without micro-managing the results. As creatives, it can be frustrating to work with planners who are looking for designers who will simply execute the planner’s vision. Sarah and Caitlin encouraged a close relationship between J&P and the client for both weddings and this played a huge role in making sure the visual was both beautiful and personal. We were able to rely on True Events for a very organized schedule from start to finish. They are uber-pro’s with regard to sticking to timelines and facilitating interaction between vendors when necessary. Add in Sarah and Caitlin’s cheery dispositions and penchant for having fun while working hard… it was the perfect mix when it comes to pulling everything together for a wedding celebration! We gladly recommend True Events to our clients and hope to work with them many more times in the future! ~ Tedd Kapinos, Owner