Bride Adrienne

February 8, 2019

We worked exclusively with Caitlin for our wedding and feel like she was our sister by the end of it all! Always upbeat, excited, awesome, on top of stuff for the 11 months we worked together. We planned our wedding near New London from NYC, so Caitlin did a lot of the site visits without us and never even mentioned the travel. Nothing was above what she was willing to do, nor did she insert herself in things we thought we could or wanted to handle on our own. In the hectic world of wedding planning, we always stayed on schedule and felt like we were in great hands. The actually week pre wedding and wedding weekend was where Caitlin’s true event planning skills came to light. She managed 5 different venues in a 2 mile radius, dozens of vendors, and we hardly heard a thing about any of it, it just got done, and done beautifully! You cannot gone wrong here, Caitlin is awesome!