Wedding Wednesday…. Katherine & Bobby!!!

June 13, 2018


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Photography by Ashley Caroline

We are so excited to share Katherine and Bobby’s bright and colorful wedding celebration! We love the way Katherine and Bobby chose to incorporate such vibrant color variations into all aspects of their day.

The day was planned around the romantic setting of Burr Homestead, set in the heart of Fairfield, Connecticut’s historic district. Falling in love with the romantic gardens, historic and organic atmosphere, the Burr Homestead was the perfect spot for Katherine and Bobby.

Being one of the only spaces in Fairfield having the ability to host a tented reception within the grounds of the mansion. Together Katherine and Bobby decided on  Stamford Tent clear top tent, giving their guests the feeling of dining under the stars. Long rustic farm tables lined the interior of the tent making the space a warm and inviting aura. Stoneblossom worked closely with the couple to complement their love of color and vibrance in every piece. The tables were embellished with pops of color from the coral in the peonies, soft pinks in the roses, and greenery all designed around stone vessels. Each place setting fused organic and whimsical elements with custom menu cards by The Tie That Binds tucked neatly into a festive coral napkin.

On the day, guests joined in the gardens of Burr Homestead to in celebration of Katherine and Bobby’s union. Katherine surrounded by her best gals dressed in their most vibrant colors and Bobby standing by his best men, the couple said their I do’s. Guests leisurely made their way to the outdoor cocktail hour where School House at Cannondale passed unique lite bites, including mini tacos paired with tequila shooters, crostinis topped with wild flowers, and delicious sliders. Guests were welcomed to the reception with bistro lighting and an abundance of candlelight. After School House at Cannondale served guests their three course farm to table meal, Silver Arrow Band hit their instruments inviting guests to the dance floor for the remainder of the evening.

Design & Planning: True Event

Videographer: Monjavlo Films

Photographer: Ashley Caroline

Florist: Stoneblossom

Venue: Burr Homestead

Caterer: School House at Cannondale

Cake: The Pantry

Band: Silver Arrow Band

Rentals: Peak Event Services

Tent Rental/Lighting: Stamford Tent

Transportation: Vitesse World Wide

Hair/Makeup: Upstyle

Paper: Tie That Binds