Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Protocol

March 2, 2017

True Event- Wedding Wednesday

Photography by Matt Gillis Photography

True Event- Wedding Wednesday

Photography by Miles Witt Boyer Photography

Sarah, the owner of True Event, was featured in Vogue! They have asked the experts their thoughts on the rehearsal dinner protocol. Make sure to read the whole article here.

Are you struggling with who exactly to invite to your rehearsal dinner? Many of our couples wonder if it is proper etiquette to invite everyone to both the rehearsal dinner and to the big day. It can often times be overwhelming to have to accommodate that growing list for the whole weekend. Though, many experts will say if you are having a destination wedding it is best to invite the whole group to the rehearsal dinner.

Sarah, owner of True Event, suggests that keeping the rehearsal dinner to just the bridal party and close family keeps it intimate and prevents this event from becoming a duplicate wedding. A great way to incorporate all of your guests is to host a welcome party after the rehearsal dinner is over. Starting the rehearsal dinner around 6pm, leaves enough time to invite the remainder of the guests to a welcome reception from 8:30m- 11:00pm. The welcome reception should have passed hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and cocktails.