Wedding Wednesday….Fall 2015 Bridal Market Trends!

October 21, 2015




I may not have physically gone to Bridal Market but that doesn’t meet I wasn’t sitting here at my computer every day dreaming about what was being sent up and down the cat walk.  After much internet “research” I noticed some trends that seemed to be huge hits including a few that made an appearance last season. One of my favorites is the deep front slit, a la Angeline Jolie. It’s just enough edginess to still be extremely classy. You just have to make you get your leg pose on point (google “Angeline Jolie oscars” asap)  Another trend that I am over the moon over is sleeves. These made a reoccurence last season and are building in popularity much to my extreme joy.  The last trend that was on top of my fav was a hint of color. I LOVE when a bride wears an unexpected color tone that enhances her beauty more than white ever could. Basically there are NO rules, it’s all fair game and I love it.

XO. klb