Wedding Wednesday…Ocean House!

July 8, 2015


Choosing the venue for your wedding dictates so much about your big day.  For starters, a lot of times it completely narrows down your actual date, your dream venue can book up a year in advance, so once you get that ring, start doing your research.  And on a design level, your venue completely sets the stage for the feel and look of your day.  For example, I probably wouldn’t suggest throwing a beachy wedding in the woods or an overly rustic wedding in a modern setting. You have to work with what you got.  We’ve seen A LOT of venues and we want to share our knowledge, that’s what friends are for right? We have to start out with one of the best, The Ocean House.  A five star iconic New England seaside resort set in Watch Hill, Rhode Island with views of the atlantic, just typing the name makes me want to jump in my car and retreat there for a weekend.  You can hold your reception with in their elegant ballroom or plan for a gorgeous tented wedding with the ocean as your backdrop.  The Ocean House aims to please and always hits the mark. If a New England wedding is your jam, make sure to take a peek at this gem, and thank me later when you realize Taylor Swift is this hotels neighbor, might be my favorite perk.

XO. klb