Wedding Wednesday….Kids’ Tables!

June 17, 2015


via Pinterest

Weddings are a family affair, which means most times, unless otherwise stated, children are going to be there. Adults, or maybe just me, are entertained enough by the gorgeous details, linens, lush flowers, a possible open bar and a great band.  Children could care less. You need to serve them a little something extra to keep up all night and let their parents party. There is NOTHING worse than a bored child begging to leave when you just want to get down to “Shout” on the dance floor. Here are a couple ideas on how to keep these little cherubs busy.  My personal favorite is the photo scavenger hunt. Totally self serving, you can keep the kids entertained and get some pretty hilarious pictures to check out later.  Maybe sending each child a little book of their picture hunt after the wedding as a thank you?

XO. klb