Tuesday Shoesday….Modern + Whimsical True Event Weddings!

March 31, 2015


via  Brian Dorsey StudiosBruce Plotkin



via Leila BrewsterMichelle Gardella


Here at True Event we want to make it as easy as possible to find inspiration for the wedding of your dreams! So let me introduce you to an update to our website that has us pretty excited.  You can now find the weddings we’ve designed and planned under the “theme” they fall under. So whether you are a whimsical, modern, traditional, rustic, vintage or seaside chic bride or groom you can now find the perfect inspiration for you. To celebrate we are compiling our favorite pictures from our most newest wedding additions to each theme.

Today, we are reliving our most recent modern and whimsical weddings and oh has it been fun!  Two vastly different looks but both gorgeous just the same.  Thank you to all our modern and whimsical brides, you make our job so easy!!!!