Tuesday Shoesday….Giuseppe Zanotti!

February 10, 2015


Taylor-Swift 10354991_1797099_1000

via Giuseppe Zanotti

There were a handful of fashion hits on the red carpet at Sunday’s Grammys.  Known for more fun and daring fashion, the Grammys are usually an eyeful. See; Lady Gaga showing up in an egg, JLo’s notorious barely there green Versace dress or Nicki Minaj showing up with “The Pope”. So needless to say, nothing shocks me, except this year, the lack of crazy fashion actually did shock me, way to flip the script Grammy’s! But there were some epic moments on the carpet that made up for the lack of shock value. Some took time to grow on me, like Princess Riri’s massive pink baby doll gown, some I adored immediately,  like Gwen Stefani’s flawless jumper and others were just perfection like TaySwift’s Grammy look. It wasn’t just the dress that wow’d me but her entire fashion package.  My favorite part may have been her pop of color radiant orchid Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, they were so refreshing to see peeping out beneath her Elie Saab gown. And hello, could her legs have looked any more killer??? Those heels were for sure giving her a little edge.  And let’s be honest, can TaySwift ever do wrong? She should get “The Most Consistently Killing it on the Red Carpet and Life” Award. I DARE Kanye to try and take that away.

Who were your Grammy favorites????

XO. klb