Coffee Talk Monday…Oscar’s Best Dressed!

February 23, 2015

unnamed-5unnamed-3 unnamed-2jennifer Lopez Oscars

via Jason Merritt/Getty Images


The moment I wait ALL year for came last night and boy, was it good. My Christmas, my Super Bowl, my everything…The Oscars.  This year it was inspirational (That speech), fun (NPH), shocking in the most incredible way(Gaga’s performance) and above all gorgeous.  A common thread on the red carpet was that whites and neutrals reigned supreme but there were a few pops of color that turned heads. I learned a few things last night, some I already knew but took Oscar to just confirm. Jennifer Anniston does not age and her body should win an award higher than an Oscar, possibly a Pulitzer Prize, no one does a deep V better than JLo and Julianne Moore is a beacon of light for pale people everywhere, she just radiates beauty. I pulled some of my most favorite fashion pics from last night, Jamie Chung (Real World XIV) being one of them, I think of her as the Meryl Streep of Real World Alumni, and I’m a sucker for a starburst. Noticeably absent, Rosamund Pike, I’m just not on board this train, it looked like something Kelly Taylor would have worn to prom in 90210.

Who were your favorites????

XO. klb