Tuesday Shoesday…New Balance!

January 6, 2015


via Urban Outfitters

Happy New Year!!!  It’s 2015! I’ve made so many ressies in the past week and broken them that I already need a refresh.  Is it okay to consider this new year stuff to be starting on a Wednesday in the second week of 2015? I know there’s a lot of you out there on the same page.  So let’s do this together.  One of my main resolutions is to make a life style change, with working out and eating healthier, so to do this I obvi have to dress for success and what better way to do then put together fancy gym attire.  So I’m building from the ground up with these New Balance charcoal and metallic rose gold sneakers from Urban Outfitters. The are so fresh!(do people still say that?) I’ll probably match them with a pair of work out pants i saw that say “fuel your fire” in neon bc they’ll totally get me out of my warm bed at 5 am and to the gym on a winter morning. Ugh.

XO. klb