Inspiration from Anywhere…Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala!

January 29, 2015


via Pinterest

Annually Pantone chooses a color to be THE “color of the year”. For example, last year was Radiant Orchid (thumbs down) and the year before that was Emerald (swoon to the max). Apparently, unbeknownst to me before looking it up on Wiki, a secret meeting is held in a European capital where “representatives from various nations color standards’ groups” from around the globe come together and crown a “color of the year”.  After two days of grueling debate it is finally decided an entire year before any of us know what color will dominate our wardrobes, interior design and favorite celebrities on the red carpet. Okay, this all sounds very Skulls and Bones to me just for a couple people’s favorite color.  What I will tell you is I LOVE their pick this year! Marsala, Pantone #18-1438, totally out does last years, Radiant Orchid. It’s the perfect color to incorporate into event and wedding design, which of course got us excited.  I pulled some of my favorite Marsala for wedding design inspirations. All hail our color Queen, Marsala!

XO. klb