Friday Wine Tasting…Martini & Rossi Rosé!

January 16, 2015


Wine of the Week:

Martini & Rossi Rosé


 Winemakers Notes:

MARTINI & ROSSI is the #1 imported sparkling winemaker in the US, and one of the most respected Italian winemakers in the world.

Now MARTINI & ROSSI proudly unveils its newest sparkling wine – pink with a fresh flair – MARTINI & ROSSI® Sparkling Rosé.

Enticing aromas blend hints of citrus, elderflower and soft peach with delicate notes of wild rose that result in a beautifully balanced sparkling wine.

 Pairing Notes:

Begin your tasting with MARTINI & ROSSI Sparkling Rosé, perfectly chilled, in a flute. After enjoying the wine on its own, appreciate its depth of flavors when paired with a variety of bites:

Gourmet cheeses: Try a mild cheddar to lend a subtle richness to the pairing. Gouda’s buttery and nutty flavors work well with the wine’s fruity notes. A camembert or brie complements the floral and fruity notes as well.

Stone fruits: Try peaches or apricots to bring out those flavors in the wine.

Classic, light fare or spicy cuisine: The balanced nature of the wine, along with its invigorating sparkle, make it a fitting partner.