Coffee Talk Monday…A TRUE intern!

December 22, 2014


Words can’t describe how lucky we have been to have Marissa interning with us! Marissa has been such an asset to us over the past few months. Her passion to learn and eye for design is just only a small part of why Marissa was such an amazing intern! We are so sad for her internship to be over but excited to see what the future holds for Marissa! Thank you for everything we just adore you!!

From Marissa…As my internship at True Event is now ending, I am so beyond grateful that was given the opportunity to learn from such talented and kind-hearted people.  Sarah and Caitlin taught me more in the past few months about wedding planning and the industry than I could have learned in any classroom.  Their attentiveness and eagerness to help me understand as much as I possibly could made my entire internship experience more than I could have ever imagined.   They were constantly asking me what else I wanted to do or learn, and never hesitated to ensure that I was getting the most out of this experience as I could.  Through this internship – not only did I decide that this is most certainly the career path I want to go down – but I was fortunate enough to meet two amazing women who I look up to and admire in every aspect.  So THANK YOU to Sarah and Caitlin – and everybody else that works with True Event – for making this semester long internship unforgettable!