Inspiration from Anywhere…Solange Knowles’ All White Wedding!

November 20, 2014



via Rog Walker for + Pinterest


Beyonce will always be my Queen B but I am seeing Solange Knowles in a whole new light and not due to her infamous JayZ fight video (although it’s ALWAYS on my mind, what happened?!?), it’s because of her crazy modern chic wedding in NOLA!!!!! Honestly, Beyonce has never released her wedding pictures and at this point she shouldn’t because there is no way it’s going to compare.  This had to be one of the coolest weddings ever.  It took Kate Middleton’s all white wedding up 17 notches on the Vogue meter. I loved all of her white get ups, the low cut jumper, the ceremony gown with a cape and her grecian style reception dress.   Their mother killed it in white too, there’s a reason these girls are SO fierce, they got it from their mama. Bey looked stunning per usual but totally did the perfect sister thing and toned it down so Solange could shine, and I’m guessing after her altercation with Jay she doesn’t want to upset the bride, can’t blame her. The wedding also had a few touches of pure sweetness. I adored their pre wedding bike ride through the French Quarter in New Orleans, complete with painted white bikes and Solange’s adorned with flowers but nothing could beat out Solange’s dance with her son, Julez, it’s totally worth a youtube view or 7.

XO. klb