Coffee Talk Monday…DIY Mint Julep Favors!

November 3, 2014


Via Style Me Pretty &  Ruth Eileen 


Glass bottles with corks
Liquid gilding
Paint brush
White twine
Fresh mint
Gold glitter tape
Label paper

Step 1

Paint a circle of liquid gilding on the backside of the glass bottle. Make sure the gilding is an even, opaque layer, then let dry 30 minutes. Repeat with remaining bottles.

Step 2

Fill one bottle with bourbon and cork it. Fill the other bottle with homemade mint simple syrup (here’s an easy recipe) and a few fresh mint leaves for garnish. Repeat with remaining bottles.

Step 3

Download and print out the bourbon & mint labels. Cut out along the gray lines and apply to the front of each bottle. Add a bit of gold glitter tape to each label.

Step 4 Wrap the neck of each bottle with twine and mint leaf garnish and hand out to guests! They have everything they need to whip up an awesome mint julep at home.

Photography: Ruth Eileen