Friday Wine Tasting…Blood Orange Old Fashioned!

October 3, 2014


Today I thought we would mix it up a little bit with a yummy fall cocktail! Cheers to great weather, yummy cocktails and  a night out with friends! 

Blood Orange Old Fashioned


2 ounces rye or bourbon whiskey
1 teaspoon sugar
few dashes bitters
1 blood orange, half for the juice and the other half cut into wedges for serving
2-3 good maraschino cherries
ice cubes


In a whiskey glass, muddle together a few drops of bitters with the teaspoon of sugar. Add a splash of blood orange juice and muddle to combine. Top with bourbon and ice. Add cherries and stir to combine. Allow to sit a few minutes to allow the flavors mellow before drinking. Cheers! Enjoy the wonderful fall weekend!