Wedding Wednesday…Lauren Conrad’s Bridesmaid dress collection!

September 3, 2014


via Martha Stewart Weddings

In all the history of reality TV there isn’t a person I’ve loved watching evolve more than Lauren Conrad, or as I still refer to as “LC”.  She has taken what could have been a forgotten reality role and turned it into a gorgeous empire.  Lucky for the wedding industry and everyone in America, LC got engaged this year!!! I like to think of her future nuptials as “America’s Royal Wedding”(you can totally borrow that if you want). So with all her fabulous planning LC has just decided to come out with her very own bridesmaid dress line carried under her fashion brand, Paper Crown.  Her bridesmaids are wearing gowns from the line, they each got to pick their favorite, because on top of being the most amazing celebrity, LC is also the most amazing bride.  I adore her bridesmaid dresses, especially the color palette, they look like the were plucked from one of her stunning and always serene instagram photos (follow her immediately if you aren’t already @laurenconrad, and tell me if you can figure out what magical filter she uses!) So with that, congrats to LC on all her fabulousness, I can’t wait to pick up the September issue of Martha Stewart Weddings that has her and her maids as the cover models, swoon, to be one of LC’s besties, a girl can dream.

XO. klb