Inspiration from Anywhere…The Mrs. Box!

September 25, 2014

themrsbox ringbox

Giving a girl an engagement is single handedly one of the most important moments either of you are ever going to experience, every detail should be gorgeous and special. Your soon to be fiancé has most likely been dreaming about this day since she picked up her first Barbie and Ken.  This is where the “The Mrs. Box” enters the scene.  A new venture by Summer Watkins, creator for “Grey Likes Weddings” and “Grey Likes Baby”, “The Mrs. Box” is pure beautiful genius. Somewhere down the line rings stopped coming in the rich velvet boxes we envision them in and started coming in drab, dark colored standard jewelry boxes. Summer has taken this small but ultra important detail and made these “Mrs. Boxes” super special and fun.  Made from pre-war French velvet ( I was instantly won over by the word french) these boxes are a limited first edition.  The colors pack the perfect modern punch while still remaining vintage.  I can’t promise I won’t buy one just to put on my desk for inspiration. Grab yours today or discretely leave this blog post up on your significant other’s computer.

XO. klb