Inspiration from Anywhere…Air Plants!

August 21, 2014


The wedding scene has a new “It” girl.  She’s sleek, modern and easy.  Introducing. AIR PLANTS!  As much as I fell in love with succulents along with the rest of the world, they served their purpose and paved the way for Air Plants to adorn weddings and events. These easy to manage, mess free desert greens look great on tables, as favors, in bouquets or literally suspended in air in an installation threaded together.  They come in many varieties, from small to huge.  My favorite being one of the biggest, the Xerographica, she looks stunning on top of a simple wedding cake. These plants are easy to care for, much easier then a succulent, and need no soil, just air like their name implies.  So just to recap, Succulents OUT, Air plants IN.

XO. klb