Coffee Talk Monday…DIY X Benches!

July 21, 2014


Style Me Pretty has done it again! LOVING this makeover x benches!


Target X benches
Fabric to reupholster benches (21/2-3 yards for 2 benches)
Upholstery foam from Joann’s (one for each bench)
Cotton Batting
Staple gun
Gold Spraypaint
Lacquer Spraypaint
Masking tape


Step 1:

Turn the bench upside down, and use the drill to remove the screws. Place the screws in a safe place. Remove the legs from the seat.

Step 2:

Remove the leather from the seat. The best way to do this is to use a flathead screwdriver to pry up each staple, but if you’re having trouble or just want to get it done faster, you can do what we did and cut the leather along the bottom edge of the seat board.

Step 3:

Use masking tape to mark off 18” on one side of the foam. Use a bread knife to cut along that line.

Step 4:

The original foam on the seat curves downward slightly, but we wanted ours to stay square. Flip the seat so that the foam is on top. Cut rough triangles from the cotton batting and place on the corners of the seat to help raise the corners, then stack the green foam block on top.

Step 5:

Roll out your fabric on the floor or low table, underside facing up. Flip the seat and foam onto the fabric (foam side down). Position the seat so that there is enough fabric on each side to pull up onto the underside (about 8” from the base). Trim the excess fabric and save for the next bench.

Step 6:

Pull up the fabric until it is snug and staple in the center of one side. Repeat on the opposite side of the seat, and follow with the other two sides. Continue stapling on all sides until you reach 2” from the corner.

Step 7:

When you reach the corner, fold the corner inside and bring the two outside folds to meet each other at the corner- this will give you a straight, crisp corner. Staple in place.

Step 8:

Spraypaint the legs gold on a dropcloth. Spray lightly from a distance so no drips develop, and spray 2 coats for coverage. When the gold is dry, spray a light coat of lacquer and let dry.

Step 9:

Place the legs upside down on the seat bottom and position until they are centered on all sides. Drill the screws back in to secure the legs to the seat. Flip the bench over, and you’re done! Repeat the steps to make a second bench.