Wedding Wednesday….Bonobos!

June 4, 2014


When you think about wedding and wedding planning all you think about is the bride. Her dress, her hair, her make, her shoes, etc., BUT the guys at a wedding matter too!  Their attire completes the look.  Their style needs to compliment the bride or her bridesmaids and complete the vision of the wedding. That’s where Bonobos comes in!  Just in time for wedding season they have come out with a Spring Suit collection full of seersucker (SWOON) and light weight cotton suits. These aren’t just your regular suits that you’d pick up at any department store, they are stylish and fitted perfectly, think Ryan Gosling on the red carpet. Part of these suits fitting perfectly can be credited to Bonobos amazing mantra when it comes to fit, “The foundation to any great wardrobe is fit”, no truer words have EVER been spoken. To help you get this tailored to you perfect fit, Bonobos has “Ninjas” to answer all your questions regarding fit or anything else that may cross your mind. Customer service at it’s best, where do you even find that anymore? Thank you, Bonobos!  If a bride and a groom are having a hard time nailing down the style of their wedding, contact their “Groomservice” to aide you in finding the perfect attire for the wedding. If all of that wasn’t amazing enough, Bonobos is offering True Event readers a special discount 20% discount when you enter the code: NEWCUSTOMER20.  So shop away and find your inner Gosling.

XO. klb