Inspiration from Anywhere…Celebrity Weddings!

June 19, 2014


Kim and Kanye. JT and Jessica. JFK and Jackie. Kate Middleton and Prince William.  I live for an amazing celebrity wedding.  The dress, the details, the flowers, every single picture is admired and sucked up by the masses and I. LOVE. IT.  Kim and Kanye’s wedding was as popular as The Royal Wedding.  Their instagram pic of “the kiss” practically broke instagram and definitely broke records.  I can recall details from almost every Hollywood wedding that I’ve ever seen, Gwen’s dip dyed pink dress, Jackie’s ruffled gown, Nicole Richie’s ballerina come to life couture wedding dress (I die.), they all serve us with so much inspiration. I can’t wait to see who ties the knot in the remaining half of 2014; George Clooney? Jessica Simpson? I’m anxiously waiting.

What celebrity wedding are you most excited to see???

XO. klb