Inspiration from Anywhere…Red Envelope love!

May 29, 2014

redenv redenvshow

Red Envelope is one of my favorite places to pick up something extra special and personal when I need a gift! They always seem to have the perfect solution to my ever growing gift anxiety.  Bridal showers are NO different. I am always striving to get something just a little more personal and unique then the norm. I compiled a few picks of items that would be a great shower or wedding gift.

Red Envelope also has a blog that has some pretty stellar advice and help with planning. If you have ever been a bridesmaid you know the nightmare planning a shower can be, especially now in a world of Pinterest! There is such a pressure to throw a fun, detail orientated shower. Gone are they days of pink and blue baby themed showers.  Red Envelope is here to save your day with a completely thought out checklist for a “Modern Bridal Shower”.  It covers all your bases; decor, food, drinks and games.  Happy planning!!!

XO. klb