Inspiration from Anywhere…Fashion Project!

April 3, 2014



Like most 30 something girls, I love fashion and have bought my fair share of designer pieces.  One thing about fashion though, what you loved today you may not love next season but sometimes it’s just SO hard to part with that piece that you once lusted for. That’s where Fashion Project comes in. This genius concept, dreamed up by two fashion loving ladies, not only gets you to clean out your closet but also inspires you to clean that closet for charity.  What’s better than a marriage between fashion + charity?  The fact that it is the easiest process ever, go on, choose your favorite charity listed there OR add your own, choose a FREE prepaid donation bag, print a FREE pre-paid label, and within 3-5 days you’ll receive your donation bag, fill it up and ship it back! Your clothes/accessories are then resold on where 55% of the net proceeds go to charity. Could anything be more simple? And here is a HUGE, HUGE bonus; I know you’d do this out of the kindness of your heart because you’re probably a charitable angel BUT Fashion Project wants to reward you for parting with that bag you once loved, so for every 5 items that qualify, depending on their list of designers that’s on their website, you get a $40 Nordstrom gift card. And guess what? It’s Spring-cleaning season, I know what you are doing this weekend!

xo. klb