Friday Wine Tasting…Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial!

September 20, 2013


Well I think today is only right to open a bottle of Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial champagne and celebrate the wedding weekend for Anna & Dan!   Anna is one of the lovely ladies behind Paper Moss! We couldn’t be happier for you guys!  Have the most amazing wedding weekend! Sending well wishes to you guys! Can’t wait to see pictures!

Wine of the Week: 

Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial


Winemaker’s Notes:

This Champagne displays lively, expressive, amomas dominated by the scent of wild strawberries. It is full-bodied, with zestful, assertive fruitiness.Champagne, France- This elegant, softly sweet Champagne is filled with fresh aromas of strawberry and cream, paired with a lush mousse of fine bubbles. The perfect ending to a wonderful evening, pair this with dark chocolate for an amazing treat.

Happy Weekend! xo,Caitlin