Coffee Talk Monday…Groomsmen Gifts!

May 6, 2013

We are always thinking about the ladies… but I couldn’t help fall in love with the idea of giving  these watches  by O.A. Post Co for the perfect groomsmen gift. Any guy would be thrilled to be sporting one of these watches as  a special groomsmen gift!

In late summer 2012 Chris O’Brien (O’B) rushed home from his job in private equity to go for a quick sail around the harbor in his boat with his childhood best friend, Christopher O’Connell (O’C). As O’B untied the cleat hitch, he caught a glimpse of his wrist and realized that he had forgotten to take off his formal watch that he wore with a suit and tie earlier that day. After much discussion, tacking back and forth across the harbor several times until dark, the two agreed that there should be a watch that is both expressive and formal that can be worn from boardroom to beach chair. That evening, O.A. Post Co. set sail.

O.A. Post Co. watches are unisex, analog, Swiss movement watches that are water resistant up to 96ft. Each watch face, encased in a brushed alloy housing, is paired with a colorful nylon band that wears durably, but cleans easily. Customers can buy watches at