Coffee Talk Monday…Zen Society!

March 4, 2013

A few weeks ago I was so lucky to attend one of Jennie Fresa’s Makeup & Skincare parties! This is where i fell in love with Kaitlyn Lockman’s Zen Society skincare line. If you’re looking for healthy, non-toxic skincare line this is the line for you!  I got to enjoy a mini facial from Kaitlyn and also an awesome swag bag! If anyone knows me.. I LOVE lotion but after trying Zen Society’s body oil I’m hooked!

Benefits of Body Oil over Lotion

70% of ingredients applied on the skin will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Lotions often contain the highest amount of synthetic chemicals and petroleum by-products which are directly linked to serious health concerns. To give lotion a creamy consistency, more than half of the mixture is filled with wax, emulsifiers, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and enhancing agents. Lotions can cause wax build up which clogs pores and causes chest congestion. For a lotion to emulsify, ingredients must be heated to high temperatures which deplete nutrients that are found in the moisturizing oils. After heating, very little, if any, of the actual moisturizing oils are present when applied on the skin. Also, once the water evaporates from the lotion base, the skin is coated with not only wax, but all these other harmful ingredients. This also causes the skin to become dry again very quickly. Lotions contain emollients which make the skin feel soft to the touch, but are artificially enhanced and are not actually fixing the root problem of dryness. Common ingredients found in lotions to avoid: Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and Ethyl Parabens (preservatives which cause cancer), Diethylalomine  (carcinogen when applied to skin), Cocoamide DEA (carcinogen when applied to skin), Propylene Glycol (antifreeze, causes eczema), Linalool (narcotic), Petrolatum ( mineral oil, clogs pores from oil drilling), Synthetic Colors/Fragrances (carcinogens, causes hyper-pigmentation).

Body oil does not contain any water or fillers so every ingredient is 100% pure and absorbed immediately into your skin. Body oil is made without wax, synthetic emulsifiers and preservatives so it is much healthier for your skin and the environment. Body oils deeply penetrate into the skin and help reduce the signs of aging by keeping the skin supple. This deep penetration allows connective tissues to remain strong so that the skin does not sag or wrinkle.  The skin quickly becomes softer and smoother upon application. When selecting body oil, look for light based carrier oils which quickly absorb into the skin (Zen Society Macadamia Body Oil). Rosehip, Macadamia and Sunflower are all light oils which provide antioxidants that deeply moisturize to promote a youthful skin complexion. These oils also help restore elasticity to the skin. The nutritious oils that are used in most body oils are also beneficial to the hair and can be applied daily.

Zen Society’s products are 100% pure (preservative/filler free) and are vegan, organic & gluten free. They can be found in Jennie Fresa Skin & Makeup Boutique in Clinton CT, Whole Foods (Greenwich & Fairfield) and

-Kaitlyn Lockman

Founder of Zen Society & Holistic Health Practitioner, AADP

Happy Monday! xo,Caitlin