Wedding Wednesday… Cupid’s Shower

February 13, 2013


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, all this lovey-dovey inspiration has me dreaming of a Valentine’s themed bridal shower. Seriously, how adorable would that be? You wouldn’t have to have hearts in every corner, necessarily, but it would be fun to use a palette of pinks, reds and gold and throw a party for your favorite bride-to-be! Toast with rose champagne topped with heart stirrers and pair with your favorite chocolate morsels for a festive start to the party. Ask everyone to wear their most romantic/feminine frocks; extra points if they wear pink or red heels! And how cute would it be to give everyone red or pink lipstick and nail polish as a parting favor? Oh please, oh please, oh please, can my next bride-to-be girlfriend jump on this idea? I have just the right pair of heels in mind.


xoxo, Laura