Friday Wine Tasting…Albero Cava!

January 25, 2013

Wine of the Week:

Albero Cava Brut

$7.99 Trader Joe’s exclusive

Winemakers Notes:

The bubbles are plentiful, but fade quickly and the Cava is a very pale butter yellow. The nose is the faint aroma of baking bread and sliced apples. The bubbles are soft on the palate and it tastes of lemon and yeasty bread, there are nice, sharp concentrated, but delicate flavors. The mid-palate transitions to tart apple and lime. There is a light citrus finish,where the citrus fades and the acidity lingers. The Albero Cava Brut is a solid bottle of Bubbly, it has more sharp citrus flavors than yeasty, bready flavors, but it is crisp and refreshing.

Tasting Notes:

Enjoy with a versatile wine for tapas, fish – sole pan-roasted matched with green olives.  Perfect for any special occasion or holiday toast.

Happy Weekend! xo,Caitlin