Coffee Talk Monday…MAX Ultimate Food!

January 28, 2013

A few weeks ago Sarah and I were lucky to attend a tasting at MAX Ultimate Food! WOW we were blown away with the meal and service!  We also got to enjoy some of the yummy savory French macaroons at the Lovesick Expo! Here is a little more information about MAX Ultimate Food!

MAX Ultimate Food delighted future brides- and grooms-to-be with a savory twist on French macaroons last weekend at Boston’s first Lovesick Wedding Expo. The Boston-based caterer featured 6 varieties of the pastel-colored “cookies,: flavors included thyme and wild mushroom,  wasabi and pickled jicama, and the crowd’s favorite, a BLT macaron with tomato jam and even a tiny piece of lettuce!

MAX used these tiny “flavor vehicles” to showcase their unique approach to feeding a crowd. The 10-year old company combines a dedication to ingredient-driven, seasonal menus with an emphasis on innovative and visually stunning retakes of old favorites. Other ideas proffered to Lovesick-attendees included subbing roving food carts for a buffet at a wedding, and passing “wedding cake push pops” in lieu of a traditional tiered cake.

MAX is a full-service caterer specializing in everything from intimate dinners at home to weddings and corporate galas. For more information please visit the website and check out their facebook, or call 617.927.9799.