Coffee Talk Monday…Calligraphy!

December 10, 2012

We are so excited to share these gorgeous new line of “short and sweet” some are naughty, and some are nice greeting cards from Kristen Henderson Calligraphy . We have been so lucky this wedding season to have worked with Kristen Henderson Calligraphy. Many of our brides have used Kristen Henderson Calligraphy  for wedding invitations, addressing envelopes, escort cards, thank you cards, and place cards. She is giving away free shipping for anyone who enters a coupon code of sotrue on her new line of cards. This offer will last till December 17th!  Check out her amazing etsy shop!

Words from the amazingly talented artist….

“Well, you gotta think about something while addressing hundreds of wedding invitations, even with great music on and a terrific cup of coffee nearby. (not too nearby….safely positioned AWAY from the wedding envelopes!)…so i thought about cards i wish i could buy. and when i couldn’t find them…i decided to do them myself! and so, after 9 months of boring all my friends with incessant questions…”do you like this card better with or without the heart?”, should the cards be flat or folded?”, “how do you feel about gray envelopes?” “do you think a card that says ‘oh shit’ is offensive?”, we are all glad the first 15 designs are here, and excited about the next 15 coming in 2013!”

expire dec 17th.