Inspiration from Anywhere… Spreading Cheer

November 29, 2012


Looking around my neighborhood this time of year, there are two kinds of homeowners: Those who put up holiday decorations as soon as they swallow their turkey and those who wait until December actually rolls around. Which one are you? I’ve always been the person who waits a week or two into December to start her holiday wreaths, garlands and tree, but this year I’ll be decking the halls a bit early – today, in fact! I’ll be on a ladder working on my front door garlands today, hoping to inspire other neighbors to spread a little holiday cheer a bit early. I know some people need a little help getting in the holiday spirit, so I thought I’d make an inspiration board, filled with little ideas to fill them with cheer. Things like making homemade gift tags, baking goodies for people around the office, concocting delicious spirits or winding down with hot cocoa and a cookie at the end of the day always help me get in the holiday spirit! I dare you to make a little homemade goody for someone this season and see how easy it is to spread a little cheer!


xoxo, Laura