Coffee Talk Monday…Ribbon & Bows!

November 26, 2012

Recently I helped host a wedding shower with 50 guests.   Realizing that the bride could be sitting for an hour or more, and with the nagging green thing on our minds, we asked that presents be brought unwrapped, only adorned with ribbons or other thoughtful accents. Here are some great ideas for the holiday season or the next bridal shower you attend!

Here is a fun DIY  burlap gift bows!

1. Use pinking sheers to cut 9 strips 1/2-3/4 inches wide:  For length cut 3 at 10 inches, 3 at 9 inches, 2 at 8 inches, and 1 at 6 inches.  (You can use a variety of lengths for different size bows)

2. Loop each end around and staple the middle.
3. Hot glue largest to smallest alternately to make the bow.  Loop that last one into a round circle and glue in the center.  Buttons look really cute in the center, too.