Friday Wine Tasting…Middle Sister Forever Cool Merlot!

October 12, 2012


via middlesisterwines

Growing up with a sister, I couldn’t help to try this wine.   Anyone who has sisters knows how important the relationships are. We thought this wine would be perfect to start the weekend off! Enjoy the fun and delicious wine while hanging out with your sister or best friend

Middle Sister Forever Cool Merlot 


 For the cool girl who loves aromas of ripe summers berries with a touch of vanilla. Nobody stays forever young, but you will always be forever cool!

what’s in it?
94% Merlot
6% Malbec

how was it made? 
Warm ferments (80F+) mixed frequently for color extraction and fruit characters.

smells like…
…ripe summer berries with a touch of vanilla.

tastes like…
…lush berries lead into a lingering cocoa powder finish.

yummy with…
Portobello mushroom burgers, grilled tuna, braised lamb shanks, aged jack cheese.