Inspiration from Anywhere… Painted Pumpkins

September 27, 2012


Continuing with my recent love affair with Autumn, I was thinking of ways to make our front door a bit more festive and inviting this time of year. There is so much inspiration out there that it almost became overwhelming so I tried to pair it down and really think about something easy, cheap, and just down right pretty. I thought painting some pumpkins, either in white and maybe doing a metallic polka dot or just painting them all a dark grey with metallic accents could look pretty. Then I got thinking how this could be a great way for a Fall bride to dress up the entrance to her tent, barn or any other amazing venue! I could see a really gorgeous slate blue and gold pumpkin display with hay and other rustic touches. Actually, that doesn’t sound half bad for our font door! Slate blue and gold it is! Which colors would you choose? How are you dressing up your place for the season?