Inspiration from Anywhere… Baby True

August 9, 2012


Two weeks ago I received a call from the doctor’s office that after my 16 week check up and blood work screening, it showed elevated levels of protein and signs that something was wrong.  This was one of the worst days I think I have lived through not knowing if everything with baby T was going to be alright.  I went into the hospital the next day for further testing and an amnio.  Pregnancy is a crazy thing!  I am not quite sure I will win the award for being the happiest pregnant woman, not even sure I could say that I am enjoying it, or that I have gone into “nesting mode” as I am told many pregnant people do, but after going through those few days of waiting for the results to come back something in me changed.  It definitely put things into perspective and reminded me just how precious life is.  When the test results came back the following Monday, we found out that everything is just fine and that even though baby t wouldn’t cooperate during the ultrasound, we learned that we are having a boy!!  To my complete shock it was one of the most exciting moments of my life.  I was convinced that after growing up with two sisters that I was definitely having a girl!

So my nursery plans for a Kate Spade inspired room have shifted completely, although I couldn’t let go of the metallic gold and silver, just added in navy and orange for what I think makes a really fun palette.  Not just for a nursery but for a wedding.  A mix of modern, vintage, neutrals and pops of color, I can’t wait to start designing the nursery!