Friday Wine Tasting…Red Red Wine!

August 10, 2012

Wine of the Week…
Red Truck 2009 California Red.

There are many perks to wine… the flavor, the elegance, the laughs, but one thing wines are great at is nostalgia. While strolling down the wine aisles of Whole Foods, I was struck by a “red truck.” Not a Chevy, not a Dodge, not even a Ford but a 2009 California Red.

I purchased the bottle because it reminded me of the event this weekend at Chamard Vineyards in Clinton, Connecticut. Picturesque Chamard has a vintage “red truck” perfect for capturing a romantic and rustic memory.

To go along with the “red truck” motto here at True Event we want all Brides to be able “to turn off their engines, kick back, and relax. Cruise into a life filled with LOVE.”

Winemaker’s Notes:
“Dark jammy blackberry and blueberry aromas abound while hints of eucalyptus and black tea offer a beautiful beginning. With a smooth medium-body, this wine can be enjoyed with family and friends. Fill’er up and Enjoy!”
John Allbaugh, Winemaker
Our Syrah grapes come from the Central Coast areas of Paso Robles and Shandon, areas known for dark, rich wines. Our Cabernet Franc is from a hillside vineyard planted on rocky, red soil made of decomposed granite. This vineyard is managed using “deficit irrigation” to control vigorous growth and increase flavor and color intensity. The Petite Sirah vineyard is on its “seventh leaf” and grows at the base of the foothills in the southeast corner of Sacramento County. It’s cooled by the Sacramento Delta breezes and the grapes are dark and flavorful.
The 2009 growing season was fairly consistent with early rain and hot temperatures late in the year. This growing climate allowed the fruit to ripen slowly and have above average quality. The end result was fruit with intense flavors and a harvest that could only be described as optimal.

Happy Friday Everyone! Can’t wait to share all of the details from this weekends events. xo,Caitlin