Friday Wine Tasting…Go Green!

August 24, 2012

“Go Green…” Recently I picked up a bottle of Parducci Sauvignon Blanc produced in Mendocino County California. I was informed by the Sommelier that Parducci is America’s Greenest Winery. There is so many pieces to the puzzle of a Wedding… flowers, candles holders, wine corks… all of which can be recycled and used again. Here are a few examples of how you can “Go Green” with your Wedding decorations. Click here for a great DIY with wine corks!

Wine of the week…

Parducci Sauvignon Blanc


winemaker’s notes:
This Sauvignon Blanc offers bright aromas of sweet lemons, pineapple and ripe honeydew melon, with hints of banana and other tropical fruits. The wine’s rich, mouthfilling, citrus and melon flavors are zesty and long on the palate, culminating in a refreshing, mineral-y finish. One of Parducci’s best-ever Sauvignon Blancs, this superb wine qualifies as one of California’s finest white wine values.

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