Coffee Talk Monday… True, party of three

July 9, 2012

+ 1 ! ~ image by my dear friend Leila Brewster Photography

Today is the most excited I have been to do a blog post since I launched True Event 4 years ago.  Adam and I are expecting our first baby and are completely overjoyed!  I just entered my second trimester, and baby True is expected to arrive January 2.  It has been so hard not to share this exciting news with all of you especially as I was feeling so incredibly nauseous, exhausted, and not very much like my self.  But now going into week 15 I am so happy to be through those tough weeks and counting down the days until we find out the sex of our little one (week 20).  So if you see me pinning cute things on pinterest for the nursery now you will know why!  I promise however, this will not become a baby blog, but I will keep you posted on some of the fun moments along the way.