Inspiration from Anywhere… DIY Shell Stirrers

February 23, 2012

When planning a destination wedding, it’s hard to resist making all the adorable and island appropriate details one would want for an oceanside wedding. Here’s one simple and oh so darling DIY for all those hands-on brides who are destination bound for their big day!


Glue Gun



Paint – I used Martha Stewart’s paint line in Metallic Yellow Gold and Glitter Yellow Barite


Step 1: Glue your skewer to the inside of the shell, making sure the shell is laying as straight as possible on the skewer. It won’t be perfect but neither is the sea!

Step 2: Paint a couple coats of the metallic paint. You’ll have to let each coat dry about 30-60 mins before reapplying. I used only two coats.

Step 3: Now apply your glitter coat. Do as many coats as you like. The more glitter the better, right?

Step 4: Ta da! Pretty simple. You could also lay all the shells out and spray paint them instead of hand painting each one, too!

Make your favorite cocktail and sit back and enjoy! These would be wonderful for a signature drink for a destination wedding!

You could also mix it up and have some of the shells painted and then leave some natural for a little variation.

The sky’s the limit!