Wedding Wednesday… DIY Bridesmaid Sachets

January 18, 2012


Six fabric squares – I cut mine into 4×4 in. squares with pinking shears

Potpourri – I used citrus smelling potpourri but a pretty lavender will be perfect, too!


Bakers twine


Fabric glue – this works perfectly but you can also use a glue gun if that’s what you have on hand!


Optional: Stamp kit and ink pad for stamping the little message on the tag. Feel free to just freehand the message instead!

Step 1: Place a strip of glue down three sides of a square and adhere a second square on top, leaving one side open.

Step 2: Fill your sachet about 2/3 full with your potpourri.

Step 3: Glue the opening shut.

Step 4: Cut a length of bakers twine (mine was about 5 in.) and tie it into a little bow. Cut another length of twine and tie it around the center of the bow.

Step 5: Place the ends of the thread you just tied around the bow through the needle. Pull the needle and thread through the middle of the sachet.

Step 6: Tie a knot in the back and cut off the extra twine.

Step 7: Sit back and admire your adorable sachet!

Step 8: Now repeat steps 1-7 for the other two sachets.

Step 9: I wanted to try out my new stamp kit so I created a “will you be my bridesmaid?” message for my tag. You can use a pretty pen instead if you wish!

Just image the huge smile on your bridesmaid’s face when she receives this little surprise! How could she say no?

Sachets make lovely gifts for anyone in your life, not just your bridal party! In fact, I think you should make yourself some while you’re getting down and crafty!