Friday Wine Tasting… A glass of summer

January 6, 2012

Wine of the Week…

Chasing Venus Sauvignon Blanc


My mother in law recently introduced me to this wine and brought us up a bottle from the Outerbanks over Christmas.  It is a really yummy Sauvignon Blanc, even better I think than one of my other favorites Kim Crawford.  With all of the red wine over the holidays, this is a refreshing change.  It reminds me of a warm summer day, relaxing on the deck, which is always a welcomed feeling this time of year.  This week of bitter cold temps in the North East has reminded me that the winter has only just begun.  So tonight in front of the fire, I am going to pretend it is July and enjoy a delicious glass of chasing venus and think warm, sunny thoughts!!

Happy Friday Everyone!  Cheers!