Coffee Talk Monday… Thanksgiving Recap

November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving, always my favorite holiday of the year, did not disappoint this year.  With mild fall weather here in CT, surrounded by family, and friends, lots of delicious food and wine, there was just so much to be thankful for.  Keeping the design on the table simple, the day before Thanksgiving I went out into the woods to see what I could find, hitting the jackpot as I walked down the path from our neighborhood into the woods I found tons of bittersweet, some foliage still left on the trees and gathered up some evergreen branches.  It really is amazing what you can find in the woods when you live in the suburbs.  I was happy with my collection of berries and branches but still needed a few flowers so I picked up a pre-made bouquet at Stop and Shop and took it apart to add to a bigger centerpiece.

I always have so much fun decorating for the holidays so as I share with you our Thanksgiving table, the house has already been transformed for Christmas.  Would love to know what you all are doing for your holiday decorating this year.