Friday Wine Tasting… Because I’m Addicted to Watermelon!

July 15, 2011

via Because I’m Addicted blog

I love the blog world because I am continuously inspired by different people’s sites and never get bored with the content because there is always a new site to stumble upon.  This morning while browsing through my friends’ site over at Styled Creative I came across one of her favorite daily reads, Because I’m Addicted, and I must admit that it is easy to become addicted to. It is filled with fashion, fun cocktails and recipe ideas. I have been obsessed with watermelon lately and want to have it in everything including this perfect summer drink recipe that I found on their blog.  YUMMM!!!

Happy Friday!  We are at Saltwater Farm Vineyard tomorrow for one of the most adorable couples I have had the opportunity to work with, so excited for you Emily and Justin!  Can’t wait to share pics from this one! Cheers!

HOW TO: The Watermelon Picnic Cocktail

You will need:
2 Parts Kanon Vodka
2 Parts Watermelon Chunks
2 Parts Lemon Lime Soda
1/2 Part Lemon Juice
1/2 part Simple Syrup (easy recipe here)

1. Chop watermelon and muddle in a mixing tin along with lemon juice and simple syrup, add Kanon, shake it like a polaroid picture.

2. Strain into a glass over ice, top with lemon lime soda, garnish with a slice of watermelon. Enjoy!