Friday Wine Tasting… Birthday Weekend

May 20, 2011

Wine of the week…
Aria Estate Brut NV, D.O. Cava, $10

This weekend I feel like drinking something bubbly, both Abby and I are celebrating our birthdays!  and while there is all this buzzing about the world ending on my birthday I am reminded to embrace life and all of the things I love about it.  I can’t believe how fast this past year went by, while I have checked off a few more things on my list to do before I die, I still have so many more adventures to experience, moments to embrace and memories to create.  So in celebration of another fabulous year, and many more to come, cheers to our birthdays!  And a very special bride and groom that I am working with tomorrow in Mystic, Holly and Tryfan, Congratulations!

Tasting Notes: A blend of the three Cava varieties. Fermented at lower temperatures than the regular Brut Reserva. Aged 15 months on the lees. Delicate nose of green apple, quince and spice. Crisp, bright with lively mousse. More fruity than the regular Brut Reserva. Smooth across the palate with fresh orchard fruit flavors.

What the experts say:
The Aria is a little richer and more full bodied than basic cavas like Cristalino and Freixenet, and is probably a little closer in style to champagne. But it’s still cava, with the typical fresh, clean lingering finish, a minimum of fruit, and a notable absence of yeast and oak. In all, a lot of wine for not a lot of money. Read more about the wine.