Coffe Talk Monday…. Emerald Green and Birthday Dresses

May 10, 2011

This month Abby and I are celebrating our birthdays and I am already trying to find the perfect emerald green dress to wear out (it all started 2 years ago when sister bought be the most incredible green dress for my big birthday) I haven’t been thrilled with what is out there and have been waiting to see if anything else would pop up online or in stores, especially after Pippa Middleton rocked a beautiful emerald green dress at the reception of her sister’s Royal Wedding. But in my search online I did discover a few beauties that are all contenders in my search for the perfect green dress…

Emerson Thorpe, Big Drop NYC $265

Porter, Big Drop NYC, $248

Halston Heritage, Pink Mascara, $325

Geren Ford, Bluefly, $189