Friday Wine Tasting… 2007 Wildass Red

March 4, 2011

Wine of the Week
2007 Wildass Red

I always love to try the wines that are local to an area while visiting and while we were out the other night all of the Canadian wines on the menu at DNA Restaurant were half price during happy hour.  You can’t beat that!  We ventured to try the 2007 Wildass Red which was fantastic!  I only wish we could have found it in the local wine stores so I could take a few bottles home with us.  This one might be hard to find in the States but if you ever get the chance this is one you will want to remember.  Happy Friday Everyone!!

From the Winery: Don’t all stampede to the order button at once! This is the finest breed of Wildass Red yet. You could say it is the Secretariat of the mule family, the Northern Dancer of the herd. 2007 gave the winemakers of Niagara the finest growing conditions in 5000 years (most of that is speculation Your Honour). Fully ripe, red fruit on the vine meant a selection of barrels that, once put together, produced a wine of complexity, ageability, but as well, with instant reward… ability.

Summary Tasting Note: Delicious!

What the Experts are saying: The 2007 Wildass Red is redolent with lush black currant, blackberry, and cranberry notes which captivates the senses immediately. Blessed with marvelous growing conditions, this single vineyard, Niagara-on-the-Lake wine is soft on the palate with currant notes on the mid-palate. The finish has a slightly flinty note, and the fresh acidity carries the rich fruit flavors through to a long lingering finish, an indication of a very good wine. The ripe fruit is testament to the strong 2007 vintage. This is a softer, sexier Wildass than years past. The team at Stratus continues to develop quality wine at the Wildass level.

—Mark Moffat
The Wine Guy