Coffee Talk Monday… Mad About Crossfit

March 21, 2011

Photo by Anna Sawin Photography

Those of you that follow me on facebook know that I have discovered a new workout love, and that is Mad About Crossfit.  A good friend of mine Lisa Goldenberg opened the gym in January and it quickly became part of my weekly routine.  Since being there I continue to be inspired by the energy that comes into the room, the laughs that somehow make any day better and the constant encouragement that gets me through some of the toughest workouts I have endured.  I find myself excited about working out again, love the challenge of pushing myself to a level of fitness I didn’t know existed within, and most importantly I love that it is an hour in my day I can devote completely to myself.  While I will always love running and continue to build it into my day to day, as I get ready to run the half marathon in Providence, this is a workout program/ community that is unlike any other.  I can’t help but spread the word about Lisa, Jason and Dan who instruct at Mad About Crossfit.  For all you shoreline brides and grooms it is the perfect way to get in shape for your wedding day, and for everyone else beach ready for summer.