Inspiration from Anywhere: The Zebra

February 3, 2011

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This week we are inspired by the wild, exotic stripes of a zebra, which can be found in the home, in fashion, or at your event. And we thought we would give a little sneak peak as to how that zebra inspiration is coming to life on our new site that is currently in the works.

We sat down last week with Alex of (a)squared studio to talk about the initial round of designs for our new website.  And while we loved the clean, modern, fresh look of the site it was important to us to keep some of the “branding” details we have on our existing site.  One of which is the zebra pattern.  Taking that pattern and blending it into the site in a modern way we decided to try it as the background for the landing page in a tonal grey!  Perfection!  We have just about nailed the design, now we just need to build the pages that will live on the new site.  Alex tells us 7 to 8 weeks and we will be live!  So until then we are obsessing about all things zebra and excited to share with you a little clipping of our new site: